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                    HOME ENGLISH 嶄猟井

                     On the year 1998 Mr. Watt He set up a sales representative office for some local plants of telephone accessories. Since the more and more competitors enter the market, and in order to serve customers with stable quality, reasonable price and on-time delivery, on the year 2000 Mr. Watt He set up factory HVB Electronics Co., Ltd., and on the telephone accessories including the countries Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Austria, and for Universal ISDN, Network, Cutting & Crimping tools, and also the innovation twist-stopper.

                      In order to meet more and more actual customers as well as potential customers their markets demands, we knows it is necessary for us to do best efforts to supply more relevant products from HVB also with the stable quality, good price and on-time delivery. Bases on this principle, on the year 2003 early, HVB set up a new plant producing Audio cables including RCA, Stereo and Scart. In the mother factory HVB, we enlarge to assembly Antenna Cables(Only H-quality 100% shield cable, from punch IEC connectors till molding the plug and jack). Next plan next year HVB is going to set up another new plant only to develop and produce Sat/CATV splitters, tapes and the wall outlet sockets.

                      We believe, one man's power is limited, so HVB selects and combines the basic plants of metal and plastic connectors to work togeher us, they help HVB to extend products ranges and keep HVB more competitive.

                      A factory can't walk and grow up along leaving to customers, HVB people knows it well.
                       What HVB has to do forever is:
                       This is our name principle: HVB, High- Value- Business. 

                    Telephone Accessories
                    Network Accessories/Catse
                    Crimping Tools
                    Mini Cable-Spools
                    Euro kable-Spools

                     Contact:    Mr.WANG


                     Zhejiang Province, Ningbo City, Yinzhou District Jiang Shan Zhen Ming Cheng Road No. 65




                     Website:   http://www.ggzbgj.com
                     E-mail:  wcjnbzd@163.com
                    Basic tenet of the company!
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